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Monitoring & Evaluation Assistants (MEAs) for Saaf Punjab


Through independent 3rd party validation, Govt. of the Punjab has made it faster and easier to measure the cleanliness of 7 most populated cities of Punjab through systematic rating criteria and making these cities sustainable clean and green than they were ever. In this regard, 53 Monitoring & Evaluation Assistants (MEAs) and 4 Provincial Monitoring Officers (PMOs) have been given a task of visiting 21 different types of facilities i.e. schools, roads, containers, hospitals, parks, libraries etc. and conducting citizen surveys. Total 41,886 facilities have been visited and 57,620 citizen surveys have been conducted so far, across 7 cities.

Information/indicators that are being recorded include facility name & type, facility visit details, rating/score of that facility according to the cleanliness level, satisfaction level of citizens, most dirty areas in cities, awareness regarding presence of waste management companies etc.