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MEA Health - Monitoring of health facilities by Monitoring & Evaluation Assistants


The purpose of MEA Health application is to monitor the quality of health services extended to citizens of the province at all kinds of public health facilities (Basic Health Units, Rural Health Centers, Tehsil Head Quarters, and District Head Quarters). 2776 health facilities across the Punjab are monitored by 168 Monitoring and Evaluation Assistants (MEAs). So far, 1,618,930 visits have been recorded. The MEAs visit health facilities and record information.

The information includes district name, tehsil name, facility name, facility type, facility gps coordinates, visit date and time, MO presence, support staff presence, medicines (iron folic acid etc.) count and consumption, equipment (bulb sucker, oxygen cylinder etc.) status, facility outlook, utilities availability and vaccine vile status. MEAs also record data against delivery verification questions.

Delivery verification data includes questions such as staff behavior, is the patient satisfied, money spent and patient recommendation. MEAs also record data against patient exit interview questions. Patient exit interview data includes questions for each patient such as gender, age group, illness type, satisfied with treatment, attended properly, not overly charged, time the patient waited, treatment time, medicines quantity given, will the patient recommend this facility.