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Farmer Subsidy Program


For the purpose of transparency, authentication and efficient subsidy disbursement, a digital mechanism for the disbursement of direct subsidy has been developed. It provides convenience to the companies to generate codes which are securely transferred and printed. The attached scratched coupons are accessed by farmers and sent to the online system for electronic disbursement through mobile cash agents.

Till date 4 types of subsidy programs have been launched (Potassium Subsidy, DAP Subsidy, Cotton Seed Subsidy and Oil Seed Subsidy). Rs. 382 Million has been already disbursed in Potassium Subsidy, Rs 115 Million in Oil Seed and Rs.300 Million in DAP Subsidy Program. Companies have issued more than 2.2 Million codes via portal in Potassium Subsidy, 2.7 Million in DAP subsidy and 0.2Million in oil seed subsidy. The key indicators that are recorded are Farmers CNIC, Cell Number, Scratch Coupon Number, Amount and Type of Subsidy.