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Benazir Income Support Program Household Survey


In a developing country, need of socioeconomic register cannot be ruled out. To measure the poverty index correctly, it is important to set up a National Socio Economic Register (NSER). The registry was set up as a result of a Poverty Scorecard Survey (PSC). The survey covered 87% of the country’s population. The registry enables BISP to identify eligible households through a Proxy Means Test (PMT) which calculates the poverty levels and determines the welfare status of a household on a scale between 0 and 100. More than 1800 surveyors across 12 districts.

Data of more than 2.2 million households have been submitted during the pilot phase. Main objective is to gauge the socioeconomic status by capturing personal information, education, family tree along with dependencies, house hold information including information of home, land, livestock and machinery, availability of basic utilities like electricity, gas and water.